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Friday, April 3, 2009


I'm so tired. Thank god a major English assignment is finally out of the way. It's not even worth much so I'm just relieved I have done it, it's handed up and I cannot worry about it anymore. It is done. Nearing the end, it was terrible, but like I said, it's not worth much.

I'm writing a story. I need to find my own style again, I've forgotten it a little, and at the moment am leaching of work that I've been reading. That said, you should constructively critique or just let me know your opinion about what I have written on my other blog. I need to hone my writing skills once more, I'm dreadfully out of practice. I'd love for you to be a part of that, it would be extraordinarily helpful.

I am exhausted. Tonight I'm going to get a decent amount of sleep. If I can. The dreams about them are coming back. If they become as regular as they were again, I'm going to give up on sleeping. I do not want the dreams.

As for Chris, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't feel anything more for him that in a friendship way, again maybe its just after being away from him so long, or maybe it's the haircut. ;P But I really am not coping as well as I would like with schoolwork, and with time for homework, time to relax, see my friends and all that, I don't know if this is going to work anyway. I really don't even think I can put in the effort for a relationship. I like having someone to cuddle with and who is around a lot and stuff. But still.

Everything in life is so confusing.


  1. i made up my mind today that lots of things about you are complicated
    you make it sound so complicated, and it probably is
    but i love you xx

  2. haha uhm. you think about this stuff?

    lol give me examples?

    love you too xx

  3. I need to get back to writing. I haven't written anything -- aside from blogging -- in so long, it's disgusting.

    I tend to overcomplicate things, myself, so I'm probably no help here. If you think you don't have time for a relationship, don't waste his time. It wouldn't be fair. (And I'm already overcomplicating, sitting here thinking it through a million different ways... Ha!)

  4. OMG. Elizabeth, I've been so confused, with following you on Twitter, Facebook, and then Letters of Love and Perpetual Smile, since you alternate between Elizabeth Kaylene and Elizabeth Barone. But I think I get it now, Kaylene is your middle name and you're not two different people? Right..?

    I'm still not entirely sure about what I'm going to do about Chris. We'll see how it goes for a while longer.

    Thanks for the comment (:

  5. hey there,
    thanks for your comment on my blog post - was much appreciated. i've always been lucky enough that my parents don't criticise me for things other than laziness (but in all honesty, who doesn't get nagged about that)

    and, just a comment about the relationship stuff.... its possible that you're better off ending it if there is no 'spark' there anymore and youre just ... existing... it becomes a chore to keep up.

    anyways, have a good one.
    oh, and thanks for being so nice :)

  6. LuLu / Liv (what should I call you?) I hope you subscribe to follow up comments, coz I pretty much always reply back ;P
    haha I'm so bad, I never do anything at home ;P
    My mum always wants me to cook ;P

    Mmm. I'm not sure yet though, we just haven't been around each other or even talked in two weeks so I'm hoping it's just that and it will come back. But if I know it's definitely gone I'm not going to try to prolong it.

    Thanks for the comment and advice ;P


  7. @Larissa: Oh no, I'm sorry! Yes, that's me. I have Letters of Love/Scars Can Speak, and Perpetual Smile for blogs, and on Twitter I am lettersoflove and elizabethbarone. Sorry for confusing you! "Kaylene" is my middle name and I pretty much use Elizabeth Kaylene on LOL and my blog, and Elizabeth Barone for all of my professional stuff.

    Meanwhile, I was thinking of legally changing my name to E. Kaylene Barone, lmao, and just going by that, lmao!

  8. haha no prob, though i really shouldnt give relaionship advice, courtesy of the broken boy i call my ex. :S
    mmm but yeah, my names Olivia, or Liv - got called LuLu by my mum when i was a kiddy so it kinda stuck, but noone our age calls me that, its just a Pen name. and as of now, yes, i subscribe to comments :) took me like 10 minutes to work out how (lameass much?!)

  9. Elizabeth - Okay, well I'm glad I understand now ;) Yeah I'm following you with both Twitters. Kaylene is a really cool middle name, I love it! (:

    Haha I suppose you could ^_^ It'd be interesting at least, particularly when someone asked you for you first name... ;P

    Liv - I think I remember reading a bit about that on your blog, but I'm not heaps sure. Well my name isn't Toivoa ja Elaman, ;P I'll probs mention it on your blog in a comment sometime.

    Haha well it's easier when comments open in a new page and then you just check the box, it took me ages to work out how to do it in this format too ;P