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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Jimit Post

Yes, Jimit is a name. A person's name. No, it isn't Indian. I have no idea from whence it has been derived... I don't know if he does either.

So here are the essential details about the one Indian friend, sometimes more, in my life.

It's crazy to think that we are the good friends we are now, considering our history, and even how we met in the first place. My crazy best friend, his girlfriend at the time. Funny how later she urged us to get together and still speculates about us one day getting married and having kids together. Thanks but no thanks Michelle.

We got along so well the first time we met, after much talking via MySpace, but then didn't see each other for another three months because of certain other crap that was going on, but thank God we sorted that out. Even so, we didn't see each other much, due to his being in Year 12 and us both having to lie about who we were with when meeting up thanks to our parents' rules against dating. We were friends that hooked up for a long time before we began to like each other and were unofficially together for a few months late last year, much to Michelle's excitement.

We've shared a lot of embarrassing moments and I never go long without laughing when I'm with Jimit, from our misunderstandings of each other to all those mortifying movie incidents. I don't think I insult any other of my friends as much either, but it's all in good fun, and I did plan his birthday party for him, right down to the date and decorations. I "explain all the technical stuff" to him that everyone already knows, like how to lurk MySpace comments when people have chosen to hide theirs.

There have been times where we would be in contact in some form for every waking hour, for weeks, and times in between where we don't speak at all. We've had pretty much the craziest friendship ever, and even though it's very casual, he knows some pretty important stuff about me and still hasn't judged me for it. We have the same views on relationships and many other things, and I can't explain how good it is to know Jimit. Especially now, talking for hours every other night on the phone, which helps both of us sleep better. Almost none of my other friends are up for conversation at random hours of the night, and would spend money on me for it. Even fewer would be willing to be woken up by me calling, which he is surprisingly fine with.

I never thought I'd be friends with an Indian! Since my parents are both Indian, although I was born and have been brought up in Australia and consider myself to be Australian, I don't like the idea of associating with Indian people for the most part, mainly because I don't want others to think I am one of those cultural snobs who move to another country but seclude themselves and keep only amongst people from their former country. Yes, I care too much about other people. I also prefer Australians, culture-wise, etc. Indians think and live so differently to Australians/Americans/the English, and while I am fine with that, they're just not people I want to spend a heap of time with. But since Jimit moved here when he was one and is now eighteen (as of today), he's as Australian as I, even though I have (proudly!) been Australian from birth. And so I have made an exception to both my casual standard thought of not-really-being-friends-with-Indians and my absolute rule of never-being-with-an-Indian-EVER, because, like I said, he doesn't really count, and he's pretty damn awesome. :) :) :)

P.S. Happy 18th ;)

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