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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dreams, Wishes and Forgotten Kisses ^_^

I wish I was never friends with him

The memories hurt too much

And they're always flooding over into my brain


I want to throw a nearby plate at my mum's face ^_^

She just said something about how "Sacha won't come knocking on the door this Halloween, will she?"


Sacha and Callum did that a couple of years ago, year 9 I believe.

blah blah

Does the woman ever fucking listen to herself? Does she hear what she is saying???

My god. I am not going to cry again.

I am not going to fucking cry.

I want to sneak out and go for a walk with him at night again, sit at the park freezing, play fighting and talking. I never thought our friendship would end so soon. And never like this.

Get the fuck out of my head! Please...

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