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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm so sick of cryptic stuff. I want to just be able to take stuff that is said at face value. I want things to be simple. I don't want Jake to have replaced me with Nicole... Just as an aside, that. lol.

Anyway, I think I've changed more than I've realised this year and it's been highlighted for me while spending time with people I haven't in a while... I'm different.

I want my three back. I want to hang out with Kathleen and Michelle more. We will soon (:

And Emma, eee I love her. She is a blessing that has fallen from the sky in this time, we are good for each other, I think. I just hope when we finally meet it will be good, not like what happened with Kirsten =/

We are good at comforting each other and offering each other hope, as well as having good conversation. I always had a negative view of her because Jake painted her that way, the annoying girlfriend who broke up with him but now regretted it and couldn't move on, and wanted him back. She seemed so clingy, but it was a coincidence I added her of another person's MySpace, Kady; I thought it was her but I wasn't sure and I didn't care anymore...

She's great. I never realised how needy I am, how clingy, but ehhhhh.

I want a lot but ah well. I guess I'm just wishful and whatever. Tired and sleepless and bitchy. Over Fall Out Boy. >.>

I don't care.

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