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Friday, January 9, 2009

So I was in the middle of writing a post, about He Who Shall Not Be Named (much) in regards to David

I'll post it later, it will be long...

But. I am about to fall asleep, but I just received an email that, if I wasn't so tired, would have my head spinning so fast it would fall off its non-existent axis... In the morning, after I awake, I'm definitely re reading it.
It's from someone I would call a friend, although, there are others who would disagree, and perhaps I am too quick to think of people that way... It seems that way with people at times, but oh well.

So anyway. Tell my former best friend (aka he who I speak of far too much or as called in the title, He Who Shall Not Be Named (much), seriously guys help give me a blog name for him) the things I verbally spew here about him?? /head spins
It would probably be a good idea. I'm afraid that he won't care.
I'm afraid he doesn't even want to be as good friends again, that he is doing a "David", to be explained shortly, in following post, I promise.

He's not David. So he won't necessarily do the same things that David did. But he still may not want to return friendship to where it was, minus the weird hooking up thing we had going on for a while. I know, every one of my friends who knew about it warned me it was a bad idea. Agreed. But I still wanted to.

OKAY I probably did like him. But if so, I could never admit it to myself. And as such I cannot quite come to terms with the idea. And so I will never know if I did. (I did.)

There were flaws in our friendship. But no relationship of any kind is perfect.

Ugh what am I saying? I don't know, really...

Sigh. I have a lot to think about, when such a thing is within my capacity. Perhaps after some sleep. To my email friend, I will most certainly reply as soon as I regain some coherency. And hopefully after having removed the remains of the eyeliner smudged all over my face... Kathleen decided to apply said make up to my face in an extra thick manner and I am terrible with makeup, I forget it's there and rub my eyes etc... Not good.

Goodnight all.

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