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Monday, March 30, 2009

I swear to god that if all I get is these stilted, maligned with huge gaps conversations with the ex best friend for the remainder of time our friendship would have lasted, that is enough for me. Just to get to talk to him, even about, essentially, nothing... It's still talking to him and that makes me so happy. Even though I have to remind myself to hold back the "i love you" that I almost add at the end of a conversation, which still comes so naturally to me because I still do love him and I know he doesn't care or want to hear it, I'm still so glad I can talk to him, just a little. If you remember the day when he started talking to me once more and then my second post from that time, and then my third, I practically had a heart attack. ;P I was so shocked and so... I don't know. But if this is the best it gets between us, I'll take that. Gratefully. (:

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