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Thursday, April 2, 2009

It was on Tuesday, so I believe.

I had a wonderful double free at school on Tuesday. For an hour and forty minutes, I was called a whore, a lesbian, a lesbian whore, a whore who was cheaper than a phone call; oh and "did I have a connection fee?" It was a joke, but the thing is, the guys who kept saying it took it past the point of being amusing. I'm really not a fan of one of them in particular, ugh. But I could deal with that. Some of what they were saying was hilarious. It was what one of them added that made me almost cry. "You not-friends-with-[exbestfriend]person". It was a ridiculous line. But it's true. And even though this person is hateful, he is friends with him, and as such, has one thing I want so much. No fair.

So fuck you Tom King. ;P

[And, Sacha, happy two year anniversary with Adam. I hope he keeps making you happy, you deserve it.]

Update: [7.40PM] I just read something... Something that makes me sad again. She's so lucky.

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